Getting FlowBoost usage stats with FBSelf.usage

Exciting news! We just released the FBSelf.usage object to public beta. You can use it starting from the 2023-04-04 release of ($next/run).

FBSelf.usage is available in any FlowBoost webhook, but you probably want a  separate webhook just to check usage. Run that ’hook once per day via a dummy/resource lead, then Send Alert if you’re running low. (You can also run it ad hoc from Postman, of course.)

The object returns a few pieces of info, which should be self-explanatory:

usage = FBSelf.usage;
Webhook payload
  "usage": {
    "planId": "ien4b6",
    "planName": "FlowBoost Standard",
    "yesterday": 26,
    "today": 2,
    "remainingThisMonth": 885,
    "thisMonth": {
      "monthStart": "2023-04-01",
      "byDay": [33,54,26,2]
Sample response

Usage is updated “lazily” to preserve performance, so the call count may be up to 20 minutes behind.

You don't need to upgrade all your hooks to flowboost$next and probably don't want to — just the one usage hook needs to be on flowboost$next. Others can stay on flowboost$current.

We typically push $next to $current on the first of every month, so this feature will be GA on May 1st.