Transforming a ˂select˃ into a so-called “image dropdown” using ddSlick

Non-standard widgets can jazz up your forms — at least on the desktop side. Accessibility and mobility remain concerns, though, so dive in carefully.

What’s the deal with #mktoStyleLoaded?

About a little CSS trick that’s part of the Forms 2.0 Library.

Disabling Custom CSS (added in the Forms 2.0 Editor) on a per-page basis

Now you know the reason for the post on naming anonymous ˂style˃ elements!

Finding otherwise anonymous ˂style˃ elements using @namespace

You know 3rd-party libraries inject bare ˂style˃ tags into your ˂head˃, and you‘ve surely hard-coded such tags yourself. But how about when your code needs a reliable reference to one particular “anonymous local stylesheet”?

Catching a few more (theoretical/conjectural) types of Marketo form load errors

Not saying these errors have ever happened in reality, but if your company demands full coverage you’ll want to account for them.

Tagging each ˂label˃ with the type of its related input (for stylin’)

Need labels for checkboxes to look different from labels for radios and labels for selects? Here’s how that’s done.

Yes, ˂td width="100px"˃ is valid HTML (still looks wrong, though)

I thought it was invalid, too. But the WHATWG is the source of truth.

JavaScript on the page, Never fear / JavaScript in a Rich Text, Hold my beer

I can’t tell you to never put JS inside a Rich Text area (in Form Editor). It definitely feels more organized. But you need to step up your exception-handling game if you do it.