Using Marketo forms on Squarespace Ajax-powered/SPA templates

Ah, Squarespace. The best site builder… if you can stand using a site builder at all! Some not-for-dummies notes about Marketo forms and Ajax-powered sites.

Really, finally winning the Marketo Forms vs. Tracking Protection battle

Loading from your LP domain isn’t enough – your forms won’t *submit* with TP enabled unless you take an additional step.

Logging a Munchkin hit when someone *starts* filling out a form

Generally, I’m skeptical of “micrologging” outside of true UX testing. But the delta, if any, between people who started a form and those who submitted it might be interesting.

Join our next NYC MUG office hours – we need more people!

Even if you’re not in NYC, feel free to sign up for our biweekly virtual office hours.

Converting Integer 1/0 to Boolean true/false in Velocity

Another disquisition on a seemingly simple topic. You should be used to it by now!

Please anchor your regexes & stop driving me to distraction

What you meant — your code-head-canon, if you will — doesn’t matter if you don’t implement it.

Accessing the Program ID and Campaign ID from Velocity, the new way (post-June 2019)

Yet another way to get at these important values in Velocity. It’s weird-looking, but makes total sense in retrospect.

Masking (mildly) sensitive data values using Velocity

A one-liner to mask parts of sensitive fields, like ABCD0123 to ****0123.