Caching fetched files in FlowBoost using FBCache

Using text files as lookup tables is one of FlowBoost’s awesome powers. For example, here’s how one user fetches partner info — stored in a Marketo Design Studio file

A Pride flag (or any striped flag!) effect for Marketo forms

The other day, the idea of “form rows as flag stripes” came to me. Myriad ways to interpret that idea, of course, but here’s what I came up with:

Velocitip: Only use Preview By List (not By Person) to debug tokens — if you value your time

“Only use Preview By List” has been my mantra for so long, I’d been wondering if was still justified. Could it have become FUD due to changes in Marketo?

A global YouTube Player LP is smart — just don’t let it get hijacked

Having one global Media Player LP (and global Asset Download LP) is a real timesaver. Just make sure they’re only useful to you, not to anyone else!

Simulating a DateTime {{my.token}} (not Date) using an undocumented method

You wouldn’t know it from the Marketo docs, but a Text {{my.token}}, formatted the right way, can serve as a DateTime {{my.token}}.

Loading Munchkin in an IFRAME (when forced by a feature-limited app)

Restrictive SaaS apps — think community platforms — can frustrate our analytics desires by only supporting the 800-pound gorilla (GA) or an IFRAME. But all may not be lost.

Your IT team is wrong: there’s no reason to expect https://▁▁ to open in a browser

The word of a MOPS veteran ⋙ pushback from an IT newbie.

Localizing Global Form Validation Error Messages

Global Form Validation Rules are a big win, but Marketo left something out. He’s how to patch it over (and learn some cool postMessage and Ajax tricks in the process, if you feel like it).