Catching a few more (theoretical/conjectural) types of Marketo form load errors

Not saying these errors have ever happened in reality, but if your company demands full coverage you’ll want to account for them.

Tagging each ˂label˃ with the type of its related input (for stylin’)

Need labels for checkboxes to look different from labels for radios and labels for selects? Here’s how that’s done.

Yes, ˂td width="100px"˃ is valid HTML (still looks wrong, though)

I thought it was invalid, too. But the WHATWG is the source of truth.

JavaScript on the page, Never fear / JavaScript in a Rich Text, Hold my beer

I can’t tell you to never put JS inside a Rich Text area (in Form Editor). It definitely feels more organized. But you need to step up your exception-handling game if you do it.

For independent forms JS, use independent ˂script˃ tags

An inline <script> tag — where JS code appears directly in the HTML markup — isn’t just a cosmetic container. There’s a huge difference between having your code in one big <script> and using multiple tags.

Saving the last form post (all fields!) to a Textarea

Here’s how to wrap up the values from a lead’s last form post into a single Textarea field. (In addition to individual fields, of course.) Having the form post in one place adds precision and flexibility to Send Alert and other cool stuff.

#throw() an error from Velocity to emergency-stop a send

Revisiting the “Poison Pill” concept from years ago, and providing a better error-thrower macro.

Adding a ‘hitCallback’ feature to Munchkin

You’ve heard of GA’s ‘hitCallback‘ and GTM’s ‘eventCallback‘... now, meet Munchkin‘s ‘munchkinHitEvent’!