Beware the Category-less Soft Bounce

Or not so much “beware” as ignore an Email Bounced Soft that doesn't have an associated Category. Far too many posts and practices imply that grouping Email Bounced Soft-s together

Auto-submitting a form for Known Visitors

Known Visitor HTML (If Known Visitor, Show Custom HTML in Form Editor » Settings) is the obvious answer to a few questions: “How can I completely ungate an asset — no form

Accessing the Campaign ID, Campaign Run ID (!) and other elusive fields from Velocity

Using the Lead ID from Velocity is trickier than you'd expect ($lead.Id is not set automatically, even though there's a {{lead.Id}} token outside VTL). And there are other

Maybe you *don't* have a race condition

Denise G. opened a great Community thread some months back, and Justin from Perkuto has an authoritative blog post out there on race conditions in Marketo. For the uninitiated, race

Slides from my October 2018 MUG talk

In October, I gave Part I of my APIs & Integrations talk at the NYC MUG. The deck is embedded here, and you can download it as a ZIP if you want.

A hackity-hack for *Ends With* and email domains

If you've been around the block with Smart Lists, you know there's no Ends With operator, only Starts With and Contains, which makes filtering by email domain hard-to-impossible. Here's how to make it easy.

Integrating Appointlet with Munchkin and Marketo forms

The scheduling widget Appointlet has a nifty JS API, so you can use it instead of a (visible) Marketo form and still get a standard Filled Out Form activity and Munchkin hits.

Yet another way to make Velocity's Boolean-flavored Strings more palatable

To switch up the Nancy Sinatra song, Booleans keep truthin’, when they ought to be falsin’. Both true and false Booleans are true once they get to Velocity, and here's another way to to tell them apart.