Yet another reason to keep ˂script˃ tags out of Forms 2.0 Rich Text content

The correct way to load custom forms JS is to put it in separate .js file, after and outside* the form embed code:

Export all the Flow steps of a Smart Campaign to a file

Here’s another UI hack to back up parts of Marketo you can’t get any other way. It follows in the footsteps of getting all fields + descriptions and getting

SPF records can allow MAIL but deny (even if it’s rare)

Overheard (“e-verheard” maybe?) someone say that if your domain’s SPF TXT record allows a certain server to send email on your behalf, any user @ your domain can use that

Here’s the Hypersegmented template from today’s talk @ Adobe

You’ll probably want this code if you stayed awake.

A long talk with Justin Norris on his new RevOps FM podcast

A big day: my first post tagged “podcasts.”

Next Thursday, I’m revealing a top-secret email template trick at a free Adobe event in NYC

If you’re around here, you should be there.

URL-encoding unsupported characters to avoid major data loss, in a few different languages

Using our old friend, URL encoding (a.k.a. percent encoding) to avoid the pretty shocking data loss described in the recent post.

Yet another input mask tweak: allow only Latin-1 letters and punctuation — but not numbers — with no fixed length!

Love encountering hyper-specific validation rules like this! And they make sense when legacy-ish systems need to ingest Marketo data.