Form Pre-Fill. External sites. No limits. You're welcome.

And any form, not just Marketo embeds. Finally, my long-mysterious method is open source!

More things to unlearn from the Marketo Script Editor

There's another area where Marketo's starter Velocity code is a bad look.

Code Anatomy: Convert a dotted IP address to decimal

I've been modifying forms based on inferred country — GDPR/CASL-related — and that means checking if an IP address is in a known range. First, I'll show that what you think of as an "IP address" is probably not-quite-right, then how JS Array methods can help out with a necessary conversion.

Safely embedding JSON data in a Rich Text (as opposed to Text) {{my.token}}

You can store JSON blocks as Text {{my.tokens}}, then embed the tokens in LPs for advanced dynamic content. Making JSON maintainable in the Marketo UI takes a little trick.

Safely embedding plain-text data in a Rich Text {{my.token}}

A brief addendum to the JSON {{my.token}} post. Sometimes, you might want to store just text (like comma- or pipe-delimited data) inside a data block.

Adding a download passcode to a Marketo form

Wouldn't it be nice to give people — say, tradeshow attendees — an instant download passcode? The code lets VIPs download an asset instantly, while others get it via email.

Don't call a Marketo LP an “External URL” even if it sort-of-works

When choosing a Thank You/Follow Up URL (wish there were only one term in use!) Form Editor presents 3 largely self-explanatory options: Choosing Landing Page will give you a

A strange way to break the Guided LP Editor

I occasionally go to extremes with the Marketo UI, hacking the Guided LP Editor itself. Crazy moves like that can accidentally break UI features, but that's to be expected. Yet