Branding Marketo’s “View As Web Page" domain

Another thought-it-already-worked moment. But nope – to serve View as Web Page from a Domain Alias, you need help from JavaScript.

Extremely Strange Webhooks Vol. 1: HTTP Range Queries

An extreme adventure into codeless webhooks. If webhooks don't confuse you now, they definitely will after this. ☺

Alternating table row colors in Velocity

A common task for HTML tables – alternating table row background/foreground colors – is a cinch with Velocity.

Storing “live” HTML in {{lead.tokens}}

You might be surprised that {{lead.tokens}} are HTML-encoded in Landing Pages. If you need to work around this, here’s how.

Simulating Wait step choices using Date Tokens and date math

Wait steps don’t officially have “Add Choice,” but there’s a remarkably easy workaround.

Reminder: NYC MUG virtual office hours tomorrow, June 17th

Hey all, here’s your reminder that Inga Romanoff (NYC MUG leader) and I will be hosting virtual office hours tomorrow from 3:30-4:30pm Eastern. RSVP via!

When your SPF *actually* needs '', it should also end in '‑all'

Despite myths to the contrary, most Marketo users don’t need to (and shouldn’t, for their own protection) touch their domain’s SPF record. But when you do need to add Marketo to your SPF, do it right.

Accessing the AB Test Variant ID from Velocity

In an earlier post I showed how to access (and output) the Campaign ID, Campaign Run ID and other fields from Velocity. One field I left out, as pointed out