Using Lity (and similar lightbox plugins) with Marketo form embeds

There’s a post in my drafts explaining that you don’t need any custom lightbox code in modern browsers — neither MktoForms2.lightbox() nor a 3ʳᵈ-party library. In the meantime,

What happens between “Send Email” and “Soft Bounce”

We know Marketo retries for 24 hours when it encounters transient errors. But how does that work under the hood?

Enhancing form Select elements using the Chosen JS plugin

Marketo’s use of native HTML inputs — native ˂select˃, ˂option˃, ˂input type=checkbox˃, etc. — is ideal for accessibility and POLA. But it can be hard to resist the occasional enhancement on desktop browsers.

Why you can’t use the same branding domain across multiple Marketo instances

Ah, sweet and glorious DNS — one of many technologies nobody learns anymore. ٭٭shakes fist at cloud services٭٭

2 reasons numeric fields may unexpectedly appear as negative numbers outside of Marketo

A couple of cases where your IT team might think everything looks good (since a value at least exists) but your marketing eye says “Nope.”

Do your future self a favor and don’t use the form ID (#mktoForm_𝑛𝑛𝑛𝑛) in Custom CSS — use a portable name

Most cardinal rules of “real” programming apply to CSS and HTML, too. One is to avoid magic numbers, like hard-coded ˂form˃ IDs, and use names instead.

In FlowBoost webhooks, use x-user headers to hide secrets from non-admins

Starting from the new v22, use x-user- headers to pass any secret stuff to FlowBoost. Custom headers don’t show up in the Marketo Activity Log, so only Admins know about them.

Displaying and storing form-entered email addresses in lowercase

You probably know that email addresses are teeeeeechnically case-sensitive but, like most sensible creatures, you treat them as if they’re case-insensitive. (As Marketo Smart Lists obviously do!) Wouldn’t