The Salesforce (and Marketo) “URL” type supports Unicode: make sure your data warehouse knows this!

It’s well-established that SFDC’s URL field type isn’t up to the task of storing real-world URLs, since it maxes out at 255 characters.[1] What isn’t

Appending form fields to the Thank You URL

If your form’s Thank You page is on a different private domain — not just another subdomain of your main domain — and you want to pass over form values, they

Transforming IRIs to URIs/URLs using Velocity

In this recent post I described how you can save database space, optimize bandwidth, and increase readability by storing URLs in their decoded form: A decoded URL is equivalent to

Consider decoding URLs if you’re just storing them for attribution

While working on a new attribution library (more on that later!) it occurred to me that we waste a lot of space treating URL-like strings as if they’re too

Why “Grab Images from Web” may show an error or return partial results

Grab Images from Web (under Email Editor » Email Actions and the equivalent spot in LP Editor) is a cool tool, but it’s subject to common web security restrictions. So

Here’s why your “Autofill from Referrer Parameter” setup stopped working

Historically, browsers shared a disturbing amount of information across sites, with no way to disable sharing. In the past decade, those features have gained on/off switches, and finally in late 2020 (!) they’re off by default in in Chrome, heavily impacting Referrer-based UTM tracking

Re-enabling the “onSubmit” event when Known Visitor HTML is on

Known Visitor HTML is simpler than a standard Marketo form — to a fault. Here’s how to re-enable the full JS API in KV HTML.

Interesting li’l bug in Email Editor » Edit Code » Download HTML

Alas, no solution for this one (it’s a bug in the Marketo app). But thought the cause was interesting.