In Form Editor, “null” isn’t the same as NULL (huh?)

You don’t really know Marketo forms until you grok the differences between these 3 form field setups: Setup #1 This first screenshot is what you get simply by adding

Enabling reCAPTCHA v2 for multiple Marketo forms on the same page

Many of you use my Forms 2.0 JS snippets to integrate reCAPTCHA v2 or v3 with Marketo. (While Marketo will have native support for reCAPTCHA in the future, as

Switching between async vs. sync invocation in AWS APIGW + AWS Lambda using JSON properties

AWS Lambda functions can be executed synchronously (RequestResponse mode) or asynchronously (Event mode), and AWS API Gateway Lambda integrations support both modes. Async mode is incredibly valuable when you have

Adding placeholder text to a Marketo datepicker

Buried in my CodePen demos are some techniques that never got their own blog post. Here’s one that deserves a promotion.

Reversing a data mangling disaster with Get Lead Changes + a regex trick

After a data disaster, grabbing a backup can be the easy part: Get Lead Changes should be your go-to. It’s *restoring* that’s tricky, especially if only one narrow type of change is a “bad change.”

No, Marketo tracked links are not “invalid HTML”

It’s Marketo vs. a venerable ISP with an ancient-seeming webmail UI. Don’t trust either party’s word — trust the HTML standard.

Randomly shuffling the order of checkboxes to shake off bias

Worried that leads are just clicking the top checkbox instead of thinking things through? Shuffle ’em up every time!

Don’t (yes, *don’t!*) worry about “garbled” characters when opening JS files directly in your browser

Being paranoid about encoding helps avoid uncomfortable post-mortems. But here’s one type of apparent encoding bug that’s actually a false alarm.