In Velocity tokens, trim() your #defines

For any Velocity project, I've taken to offering clients a separate config token, call it {{my.ThisIsWhereYouChangeStuff}}, where they can manage some output settings without having to email me all

File under *DO NOT USE*: Marketo Currency fields are badly broken, Part I

Don't fall for the name: Marketo's Currency datatype is anything but the right choice for fields that represent money. Learn what you're losing with Currency (and Float, too) and the correct datatype to use.

Sorting Velocity lists on Boolean fields, Part I

Marketo calls several things “Booleans“ that are only Boolean-ish. Learn what these kinda-sorta-Booleans look and act like. And there's a contest at the end with a real-world prize!

Listing, grouping, and counting duplicate email addresses in the Marketo UI

Uncharacteristically, I came down on the “no code needed” side of a Community debate. Here's my take.

Using *duration* in links

A few days ago, I quietly added the new duration parameter to Agical links, and updated the original blog post as if it had always been there.☺

A Marketo/DNS near-disaster

A tale of a close call, and the problems + promises of DNS redundancy.

SHA-256-ing an email address in Velocity

Can't believe someone other than me has thought about cryptographic techniques in Marketo! But in this recent Nation thread, a user asked about attaching the SHA-256 hash of a recipient's

No, *sandy@gmail* isn’t an “incomplete” e-mail address!

The Marketo Forms 2.0 Email type — just like an HTML5 <input type=email> — won't throw an error on "sandy@gmail" (with no ".com"). But that's not a bug.