Why do I see my form fields in the URL, instead of seeing the Thank You page?

Ever see your Marketo form fields end up in the location bar, like pages.example.com/mypage?FirstName=Joe&LastName=Boggs.. ? Here's how that error state — and it does signify a fatal error — comes about.

Streamline your script tokens with a #displayIfFilled Velocimacro

Printing fallback content when a Lead field is blank is a basic Velocity task. You can do it in a few lines of clunky code… but that's a few lines

Slides from my January 2019 MUG talk

In January, I gave another talk on crazy-slash-advanced Marketo tech tips. The deck is embedded here, and you can download it as a ZIP if you want.

Fixing a minor Forms 2.0 sort-of-bug re: title text (“Instructions”) and field labels

Only minor-league surprising, but when you add Instructions in Form Editor… … those become the title attributes (i.e. hover/hint text) of the form fields, but not of the corresponding

Splitting delimited strings in a less-smelly way (the “Header String” way)

This JS string-splitting approach is a sure code smell, but I see it all the time: var partsOfString = stringifiedLeadInfo.split("|"); var firstName = partsOfString[0]; var lastName = partsOfString[1]

Beware the Category-less Soft Bounce

Or not so much “beware” as ignore an Email Bounced Soft that doesn't have an associated Category. Far too many posts and practices imply that grouping Email Bounced Soft-s together

Auto-submitting a form for Known Visitors

Known Visitor HTML (If Known Visitor, Show Custom HTML in Form Editor » Settings) is the obvious answer to a few questions: “How can I completely ungate an asset — no form

Accessing the Campaign ID, Campaign Run ID (!) and other elusive fields from Velocity

Using the Lead ID from Velocity is trickier than you'd expect ($lead.Id is not set automatically, even though there's a {{lead.Id}} token outside VTL). And there are other