Once you manually Q-encode an emoji in a Marketo Subject line, you must manually Q-encode *other* non-ASCII chars, too

The widely-read Yes, Virginia, you can use emojis in Marketo Subject lines sets the record straight: as long as you manually Q-encode the characters, there’s no barrier to using

One of the most unreal FUD passages I’ve seen

Reading the docs of an unnamed CDP. It’s a very impressive app whose tag manager piece easily outclasses GTM (I consider GTM the spawn of a minor demon). Then

The Marketo REST Asset API returns invalid ISO 8601 DateTimes

Honestly not sure how this bug exists (any good Date library will prevent it from happening) but Asset API endpoints return a format that isn’t valid ISO 8601. That’

FUD Relief: Nope, a plain http: ˂script˃ in an email won’t fail to load

To be clear: (1) SSL is great, (2) everyone should use it, and (3) Marketo bundles SSL certs with every subscription. LP/Design Studio requests and branding/click tracking requests

Velocitip: double quotes (") aren’t interchangeable with single quotes (')

Never let them tell you Velocity is an overnight learn.

The maximum parseable + loggable length of a Marketo webhook response is 10,000 bytes

Something for my fellow push-it-to-the-limit Marketo pros. Discovered this when sending a ton of debug info back from a FlowBoost webhook. (Not to map that info to Marketo fields, only

No, you cannot use the {{Lead.Email Address}} token in the From: header!

Want to ensure your Marketo emails bounce (or at least a healthy share of them)? Try this: Ideally, the Marketo Email Editor wouldn’t even let you try to use

Temporarily show hidden field values (for debugging conversion tracking scripts)

Outdid myself with this one, I must say. Already using it with multiple clients — plus running the code on random websites out of curiosity. Think you’re gonna love it.