Add-on to “Avoiding the dreaded ‘Invalid Image URL’ error with tokenized assets”

An addendum to the earlier post about using tokenized image URLs like{{Lead.Sales Owner Email Address}}-med.png — which throw an error in Email/LP Editor by default.

You’ll recall the almost-too-obvious solution is to upload an image to Design Studio that’s literally called{{Lead.Sales Owner Email Address}}-med.png (with the curly braces in the filename!).

But you’ll have a problem, at least on Windows, if you also try to use :default= syntax for a fallback image, like{{Lead.Sales Owner Email Address:default=no-owner-fallback}}-med.png.

The solution, again, would be to upload an image with that literal name, including the = sign and the : colon in the filename. But you can't create an image with that name from Windows, since the colon is reserved:

But you can create the image via the Assets/Files API with the colon in its name. Weird, but it works. Since it only has to be done once, it’s worth involving your developer (or developing your Postman skills).