One of the most unreal FUD passages I’ve seen

Reading the docs of an unnamed CDP. It’s a very impressive app whose tag manager piece easily outclasses GTM (I consider GTM the spawn of a minor demon). Then I come across this:

Huh? Typing the 9 ASCII letters in abcdefghi a hundred times doesn’t add 900 characters — 900 bytes is how we actually measure size on the wire, btw — because JS files are highly compressible.

The difference between a single a × 100 and abcdefghi × 100, after standard gzip/deflate compression, is meaningless: a 28 byte difference in an otherwise random 1KB file.

Nobody cares about that.

Just say you think a one-letter variable is easier to remember! Otherwise you’re spreading misinformation that leads newbie developers to use variable names like a and b. So frustrating.