Displaying Account Owner info if it’s present, and Person Owner info if not (using Velocity)

Some folks in your Marketo database have an Account Owner, some have a Person (i.e. CRM Contact-level) Owner, and some aren’t yet owned. So how do you include

Displaying literal curly braces {{ }} in Marketo

Ever try to put literal text like “{{lead.Property}}” in a Marketo LP or email? It doesn’t happen naturally, but there’s a simple workaround.

Auto-scrolling to the first validation error on iOS (fixing a minor Forms 2.0 inconsistency)

Marketo Forms are based on a true HTML <form> tag, and use standard (semantic/non-fake) HTML <input> types whenever possible. As I always take care to

Code Anatomy: ... and yes, FlowBoost can be that webhook aggregator!

Recently, I described how Marketo’s limit of 20 open webhook connections can impact timely Smart Campaign processing. Here’s a workaround, if you need it.

Slash-escapes (\n, \r, etc.) in Marketo webhooks

Webhook payloads aren’t actually raw characters, they’re parsed one more time before being sent. And this can cause... problems.

Get all the Channels + Tags + Statuses in a Marketo instance

Another quite ridic F12 Console hack to do bulk exports from the Admin UI. It works, but it’s not supposed to be pretty.

Let Todd Sprinkel @ Sponge tell you how to *correctly* use Unbounce LPs with Marketo

A link to Todd‘s post where he finally formalizes the method.

Get all the Roles + Permissions defined in a Marketo instance

A rather mad F12 Console hack to fetch all Roles + Permissions in bulk from the UI.