You’ll want this: Stamp every lead with an Original Form Submission UUID

You’re gonna love an upcoming post about detecting a net new person at form submission time (meaning in the browser, not just on the Marketo back end). The tasks in this post will get you ready.

Tip: If your integration tier is serverless, store job state in a standalone Marketo CO

This one’s for the devs. You could save yourself a whole database layer by using Marketo COs to store global or job-level metadata.

Fixing the Marketo forms Referrer value (_mktoReferrer) for SPAs

The Forms 2.0 library has a subtly gigantic bug when it comes to Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Marketo’s 3 ‘Email Suspended’ fields cascade to duplicates as well — somewhat like ‘Unsubscribed’ yet different

Not previously documented, but makes sense: Email Suspended, Email Suspended At, and Email Suspended Cause automatically sync to all duplicates.

Create real Dates from weird date-like strings using FlowBoost’s FBUtil.time (a.k.a Moment.js)

Thanks to poor engineering on the IT side, you might have… shall we say, “bespoke” date formats stored in string fields. FlowBoost can parse those and write to real date/datetime fields.

Yet another reason to keep ˂script˃ tags out of Forms 2.0 Rich Text content

Custom scripts should be added after and outside the embed code. Yes, it feels easier to drop JS into Form Editor, but with that ease comes new ways for stuff to break and much tougher debugging.

Export all the Flow steps of a Smart Campaign to a file

Another Marketo backup hack for those who want to sleep better.

SPF records can allow MAIL but deny (even if it’s rare)

Only old school SPF-heads have this kind of setup, but SPF *can* be per-individual-sender instead of per-whole-domain.