Once you manually Q-encode an emoji in a Marketo Subject, you must manually Q-encode other non-ASCII chars, too

My classic “Yes, Virginia” post proved there’s no barrier to using emojis in Marketo, as long as you manually Q-encode. But there’s a quirky side effect.

Getting FlowBoost usage stats with FBSelf.usage

You can now check daily/monthly API call usage from inside a FlowBoost webhook, then send alerts straight from Marketo.

FUD Relief: Nope, a plain http: ˂img src˃ in an email won’t fail to load

A MOPS myth that sounds plausible... but falls apart after tech review and a little testing.

One of the most unreal FUD passages I’ve seen

Reading the docs of an unnamed CDP. It’s a very impressive app whose tag manager piece easily outclasses GTM (I consider GTM the spawn of a minor demon). Then

The Marketo REST Asset API returns invalid ISO 8601 DateTimes

Honestly not sure how this bug exists — you’d think Adobe would use a Date library that prevents it from happening.

Velocitip: double quotes (") aren’t interchangeable with single quotes (')

Never let them tell you Velocity is an overnight learn.

The maximum parseable + loggable length of a Marketo webhook response is 10,000 bytes

Something for my fellow push-it-to-the-limit Marketo pros. Discovered this when sending a ton of debug info back from a FlowBoost webhook. (Not to map that info to Marketo fields, only

No, you cannot use the {{Lead.Email Address}} token in the From: header!

Apparently, people still try this. The business case might be okay (though old-fashioned) but it’s technically doomed.