Watch me segment CSS styles in a Guided Landing Page (in screenshots)

It's simple, but you may wonder why it isn't even simpler.

HOWTO: Add Forms 2.0 JS behaviors inside a Rich Text Area

It's best to keep Forms 2.0 JS behaviors in an external .JS file whenever you can. But if you need to store your custom code inside the standard form embed, here's how.

Marketo field limits, Supplemental: Don't trust the *Describe* API, either

It's becoming exhausting to keep up with the errors in the official Marketo field limits doc. The majority of the time I've tested a claimed limit, it's turned out to

Send {{Campaign.Name}} and reduce webhook mess

As you dive into the world of webhooks for advanced database tasks, the number of webhook definitions in the Admin UI can get pretty crazy. I've seen instances with 100

You don't really need to *Wait* for {{Member.Webinar URL}}

Isn't it annoying to add a Wait step before sending a registration confirmation, crossing your fingers that the {{Member.Webinar URL}} is ready for use? Maybe you don't have to Wait.

In Velocity tokens, trim() your #defines

For any Velocity project, I've taken to offering clients a separate config token, call it {{my.ThisIsWhereYouChangeStuff}}, where they can manage some output settings without having to email me all

File under *DO NOT USE*: Marketo Currency fields are badly broken, Part I

Don't fall for the name: Marketo's Currency datatype is anything but the right choice for fields that represent money. Learn what you're losing with Currency (and Float, too) and the correct datatype to use.

Sorting Velocity lists on Boolean fields, Part I

Marketo calls several things “Booleans“ that are only Boolean-ish. Learn what these kinda-sorta-Booleans look and act like. And there's a contest at the end with a real-world prize!