Let Todd Sprinkel @ Sponge tell you how to *correctly* use Unbounce LPs with Marketo

A link to Todd‘s post where he finally formalizes the method.

Get all the Roles + Permissions defined in a Marketo instance

A rather mad F12 Console hack to fetch all Roles + Permissions in bulk from the UI.

Design Studio URLs are case-sensitive. And that’s OK.

All URLs (except for the protocol and hostname part) are case-sensitive. Marketo isn’t weird or wrong about this — don’t be misled by how some other servers work.

[Solved!] Quiz Time, JavaScript Through the Ages Edition

Todd S. was quick with the correct answer.

Quiz Time, JavaScript Through the Ages Edition

You don’t really know JS until you grok little things like this.

You’ve gotta at least set a utm_source on your Fallback Page

A simple change in Admin » Landing Pages = a big improvement in detecting bad links.

Restoring the mighty mkt_tok

The mkt_tok is dead. Long live the mkt_tok.

Using a mktoImg LP element as a CSS background-image

Guided LP Templates are great, but don’t have 1:1 feature parity with Email Templates. But Since LPs have full HTML5 + JS support, it’s pretty easy to bring them up to speed.