Using *duration* in links

A few days ago, I quietly added the new duration parameter to Agical links, and updated the original blog post as if it had always been there.☺

A Marketo/DNS near-disaster

A tale of a close call, and the problems + promises of DNS redundancy.

SHA-256-ing an email address in Velocity

Can't believe someone other than me has thought about cryptographic techniques in Marketo! But in this recent Nation thread, a user asked about attaching the SHA-256 hash of a recipient's

No, *sandy@gmail* isn’t an “incomplete” e-mail address!

The Marketo Forms 2.0 Email type — just like an HTML5 <input type=email> — won't throw an error on "sandy@gmail" (with no ".com"). But that's not a bug.

A CSS stylesheet switcher for Guided LPs

Sorta surprised no one else has come up with this yet (that I know of). Here's a quick way to let your users switch between 2 stylesheets: <meta class=

Marketo field limits in the real world, Part III: *Numeric strings* are not numbers

Spinning this off the earlier Part I (on number types) because it's an equally important topic. Not necessarily a rivetingly interesting topic, but since some of you are trying to

Shuffling and rotating output in Velocity

I wrote earlier about using Velocity's $math.random() for basic A/B testing. Here are some other things you can do in the same vein by referencing Java's java.util.

Form Pre-Fill. External sites. No limits. You're welcome.

And any form, not just Marketo embeds. Finally, my long-mysterious method is open source!