Determining if a lead is brand new at form submit time

Here’s that 98% elegant, 2% hacky method to immediately detect Net New leads. Hope you agree it was worth the wait.

Prevent your Unsubscribe form from creating new leads

Out of the box, an Unsubscribe form can inadvertently create new leads. A little JS & CSS fixes this… um, feature?… so you don’t need to live with it anymore.

Intelligently allowing or blocking field updates from form fills (using FlowBoost)

Should form fills update existing values? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, depending on the specific old and new value. Using FlowBoost, you can go beyond the all-or-nothing model of Block Field Updates to intelligently update or skip.

Beautifying fields like ‘Last Form URL’ by stripping uninteresting query params

Keeping gclid, mkt_tok, and other randomly generated params around (a) makes stored URLs harder to read, (b) makes URLs that are “business identical“ look different, and (c) can overrun field limits. A little JS so URL fields only include the good stuff.

Count the number of Marketo form fills in the last hour (across all leads) using FlowBoost

This is just plain cool. FBCounter will blow your mind if you let it.

Converting colors between hex #RRGGBB and rgb()/rgba() using Velocity

Why would you use 2 different color formats in the same email? It’s an IYKYK type thing. (Hint: dark mode.)

How to accidentally create an Extinction Level Email™ that kills Outlook performance

Dept. of Weird: there’s an uncommon whitespace character (i.e. not traditional spacebar, line break, or  ) that makes the recipient’s Outlook sluggish, even if the offending email isn’t focused! You don’t want to be responsible for that.

Integrating OneTrust’s “Sell my Personal Data” toggle (or any OneTrust consent group) with Marketo forms

Let’s face it, few people (if any) will flip a “Sure, sell my data” switch to ON. But either way, you must push that preference to Marketo. You should store cookie prefs in Marketo, too, even if just for reporting.