Code Anatomy: Convert a dotted IP address to decimal

I've been modifying forms based on inferred country — GDPR/CASL-related — and that means checking if an IP address is in a known range. First, I'll show that what you think of as an "IP address" is probably not-quite-right, then how JS Array methods can help out with a necessary conversion.

Safely embedding JSON data in a Rich Text (as opposed to Text) {{my.token}}

You can store JSON blocks as Text {{my.tokens}}, then embed the tokens in LPs for advanced dynamic content. Making JSON maintainable in the Marketo UI takes a little trick.

Safely embedding plain-text data in a Rich Text {{my.token}}

A brief addendum to the JSON {{my.token}} post. Sometimes, you might want to store just text (like comma- or pipe-delimited data) inside a data block.

Adding a download passcode to a Marketo form

Wouldn't it be nice to give people — say, tradeshow attendees — an instant download passcode? The code lets VIPs download an asset instantly, while others get it via email.

Don't call a Marketo LP an “External URL” even if it sort-of-works

When choosing a Thank You/Follow Up URL (wish there were only one term in use!) Form Editor presents 3 largely self-explanatory options: Choosing Landing Page will give you a

A strange way to break the Guided LP Editor

I occasionally go to extremes with the Marketo UI, hacking the Guided LP Editor itself. Crazy moves like that can accidentally break UI features, but that's to be expected. Yet

In Visibility Rules, “Contains” means a regular expression, not a string

Little-publicized, to the point that even Support isn't in the loop: the Visibility Rule Contains operator does allow multiple values. The Contains value is interpreted as a full-fledged regular expression,

This isn't a Velocity post, and yet it is

Just when you thought variables not working in the Text version of emails was a mostly harmless detail, you find it has wider consequences that are firmly buggy.