The *only* time you should use the + sign in Velocity instead of $math.add()

A single interesting exception… that *does not change* the rule that you should use $math.sub and $math.add instead of - and +.

Base64-ing a String in Velocity without using Reflection (i.e. after June 2019)

Somebody challenged me to implement the Base64 encoding algorithm in pure Velocity and Java. It can be done, but… yuck.

Even when Velocity isn’t doing anything, it’s doing something good

Velocity doesn’t HTML-encode values unless you tell it to, and that’s a good thing for user control/delegation.

Branding Marketo’s “View As Web Page" domain

Another thought-it-already-worked moment. But nope – to serve View as Web Page from a Domain Alias, you need help from JavaScript.

Extremely Strange Webhooks Vol. 1: HTTP Range Queries

An extreme adventure into codeless webhooks. If webhooks don't confuse you now, they definitely will after this. ☺

Alternating table row colors in Velocity

A common task for HTML tables – alternating table row background/foreground colors – is a cinch with Velocity.

Storing “live” HTML in {{lead.tokens}}

You might be surprised that {{lead.tokens}} are HTML-encoded in Landing Pages. If you need to work around this, here’s how.

Simulating Wait step choices using Date Tokens and date math

Wait steps don’t officially have “Add Choice,” but there’s a remarkably easy workaround.