When an é is not an é: about Unicode Precomposed vs. Decomposed characters (and why they matter)

You’ll never look at string equality the same way again. Includes a workaround for Marketo forms, but covering the rest of the stack is up to you.

An emergency workaround for app-𝑛𝑛𝑛𝑛.marketo.com form embeds after next week’s Marketo URL change

Can’t shake the feeling that hundreds of Marketo users (and thousands of forms) are gonna break on August 1st. Here’s a workaround to make sure you escape form doom.

If you’re still loading form embeds from app-𝑛𝑛𝑛𝑛.marketo.com, they’re gonna break on August 1st, 2023

IMO, Marketo is dangerously downplaying an upcoming change to LP/asset/form URLs. Make triple-sure your embedded forms aren’t affected.

Say “associated Munchkin token” instead of “cookie” to be hyper-accurate

Shorthands like “anonymous Munchkin cookie” and “associated Munchkin cookie” aren’t harmful in a broad sense, and I use them often. But from a technical standpoint, they’re juuust misleading

Don’t use the “@” sign in the From: display name

Wait, THAT’S why our friendly From: name never shows up in iOS Mail? Yep. And also why you see the @ turned into _ in other clients.

When you set Thank You pages using JS, don’t forget the 'aliId' param

I forget it myself on occasion, but the 'aliId' is critical to the Form → Thank You flow on Marketo pages.

When you manually Q-encode, some non-special characters become special

If you don’t follow standards when encoding Subject lines, they’ll get horribly mangled in some mail apps — and if you’re not testing regularly, you’ll miss it.

To use reserved Marketo ${variable} syntax in JavaScript, tap {{my.tokens}}

Two different languages use the same special syntax and need to work together. What to do?