Patching a bug with input masks + multiple Marketo forms on the same page

Unbeknownst to (I’m pretty sure) anyone, whether input masks work or not depends on form load order.

The dreaded “Submission failed, please try again” error and how you caused it 😊

Panic-inducing for sure, but every time I’ve seen this error there’s a straightforward cause and easily deployed solution. You just need to know where to look.

Transforming Marketo-incompatible webhook responses using AWS API Gateway + JSONPath + Velocity (!)

Velocity ain’t just a Marketo thing! Having a command of VTL loops and conditions lets you use a totally different environment — Amazon Web Services — to better integrate prepackaged webhooks.

No, you do not need to add a “Wait” after “Change Data Value” to use the new value

Unfortunately, this advice is still heard in the wild. Let’s try to take it out of circulation.

Sure, spaces in an ˂a href˃ or ˂img src˃ make it invalid — but “invalid” doesn’t mean what you think it means!

Retracing how a web standard got rumor-milled into incorrect, anxiety-producing conventional wisdom.

Transforming a Marketo ˂select˃ into a so-called “image dropdown” using ddSlick

Non-standard form elements add visual panache. But familiarity, accessibility and (especially) mobility remain concerns, so tread carefully.

You gotta know when to ’encode em, know when to... not encode ’em

To truly understand encoding, you must know when it’s not needed. (A little Zen on top of Kenny Rogers.)

What’s the deal with #mktoStyleLoaded?

About a little CSS trick that’s part of the Forms 2.0 Library.