In Marketo String/Text fields, surrogate pairs MUST be URL-encoded, and you SHOULD encode line breaks

This is likely a surprise: you can permanently lose data just by including certain characters in fields. And it’s not just those characters that disappear, it’s everything after them, too.

Incrementing FBCounter multiple times in a single call

When you offer event registrants a +1 (or +10) you need to update your count accordingly.

Velocitip: Show a string’s Unicode codepoints

Nothing wrong with getting nerdy in Velocity, especially when small Velocity field differences make your head spin.

Hashing or encrypting Marketo data for export (using FlowBoost)

We should all be concerned about sending PII to 3rd parties. Some partners explicitly say “Hash those emails, we don’t wanna see/store that.” And even if they don’t, let’s take the initiative.

Using mktoBoolean variables to conditionally load ˂script˃ and ˂link˃ tags

Safely roll out new scripts and styles with a go-back switch for emergencies. And it’s bog-standard HTML, no comment hacks.

Velocitip: Find the first 𝑵-day of next month

Velocity has access to the Java calendar, and Java knows every day, month, and year. Pulling it all together to output the first Monday of next month? Just a few lines of code, but it’s got a twist worth learning.

Using modern JavaScript in GTM Custom HTML tags

You shouldn’t have to code like it‘s 15 years ago just because someone *might* paste your stuff into GTM.

A couple of (not at all rare!) situations where enabling Marketo’s built-in reCAPTCHA breaks forms completely

If only such things were documented, right? Sigh.