Calendly form events have a security vulnerability if you use their boilerplate JS

Ugh, same mistake HubSpot made. And unlike HS, I really like Calendly. Lesson: never trust “sample code” in the developer docs. It’s often cut down to make things look easier than they are, or it wasn’t written by an experienced dev.

Adding multiple Score fields using FlowBoost, with some extra tricks

With FlowBoost in your toolkit, you‘ll say “Can’t be done” a lot less often. In 2022, I’m dedicating lots of posts to the Marketo world’s curiously-well-kept secret.

Forcing a Marketo form to create a new person on every fillout

This one takes so little code, I took the liberty of tagging it as “no JS.“ There are a few lines to place on your LP, but the rest is drag-and-drop-and-type in the Marketo UI.

If you absolutely *must* load embeds from different domains

Whenever you can, standardize your form embeds on a single Marketo LP domain. But there’s one case where you clearly can’t: different Marketo instances.

Combining Progressive Profiling with (the equivalent of) Known Visitor HTML

Progressive Profiling and native KV HTML don’t play well together, but if you build a KV HTML equivalent using a little CS + JSS, you get the best of both worlds.

Patching a bug with input masks + multiple Marketo forms on the same page

Unbeknownst to (I’m pretty sure) anyone, whether input masks work or not depends on form load order.

The dreaded “Submission failed, please try again” error and how you caused it 😊

Panic-inducing for sure, but every time I’ve seen this error there’s a straightforward cause and easily deployed solution. You just need to know where to look.

Transforming Marketo-incompatible webhook responses using AWS API Gateway + JSONPath + Velocity (!)

Velocity ain’t just a Marketo thing! Having a command of VTL loops and conditions lets you use a totally different environment — Amazon Web Services — to better integrate prepackaged webhooks.