Temporarily show hidden field values (for debugging conversion tracking scripts)

Outdid myself with this one, I must say. Already using it with multiple clients — plus running the code on random websites out of curiosity. Think you’re gonna love it.

A quirk with slash-escapes (\n, \r, \s) in the Marketo webhook editor

Marketo webhooks put all other webhooks to shame. But their configurability means a few more things to master.

Removing duplicate items from a multivalued string field using FlowBoost

SFDC picklists and Marketo form checkbox sets become so-called “multivalued strings” in the Marketo db. But in the Marketo UI, they’re just strings that happen to have semicolons — there’s no native awareness of sub-values. FlowBoost, on the other hand, has full awareness and can do magic.

I made Marketing Nation Community Member of the Year for 2022, which is nice

It represents a lot of round-the-clock effort and isn’t advised for those who sleep. (Not sure if I hate or love how my headshot aligns with the frame!)

Don’t get so distracted by DKIM and SPF that you forget the most important DNS record (and you don’t even need SPF on a shared Marketo instance!)

Everybody thinks they need DKIM and SPF for their From: domains. DKIM? Sure, do it. SPF? Nope, and it can even be destructive. But both distract from the main need: an MX record + mailbox for every From: address.

You didn’t hear it from me, but this is how you’d set a mktoVariable from a script running in the Preview pane

Not that you’d ever want to do anything like that.

Never, ever (ever) use the HTML 3.2 ˂center˃ tag in emails

I know what you’re gonna say: you never use that tag and/or you never heard of it! But a search of my Inbox (and Spam folder) shows examples every single day.

Using Lity (and similar lightbox plugins) with Marketo form embeds

A refresher about script-injected scripts and how to best deploy 3rd-party form plugins.