Converting colors between hex #RRGGBB and rgb()/rgba() using Velocity

Why would you use 2 different color formats in the same email? It’s an IYKYK type thing. (Hint: dark mode.)

How to accidentally create an Extinction Level Email™ that kills Outlook performance

Dept. of Weird: there’s an uncommon whitespace character (i.e. not traditional spacebar, line break, or  ) that makes the recipient’s Outlook sluggish, even if the offending email isn’t focused! You don’t want to be responsible for that.

Integrating OneTrust’s “Sell my Personal Data” toggle (or any OneTrust consent group) with Marketo forms

Let’s face it, few people (if any) will flip a “Sure, sell my data” switch to ON. But either way, you must push that preference to Marketo. You should store cookie prefs in Marketo, too, even if just for reporting.

Don’t get bitten by your company’s DMARC subdomain ("sp") policy

If you choose to send from a subdomain, make sure all related configs are in place or deliverability will plunge.

Show one Marketo form to existing program members and another to non-members

People hitting an LP for the first time are quite different from existing program members, right? Yet (as far as I’ve seen) marketers don’t give them different experiences, though it’s super easy.

You’ll want this: Stamp every lead with an Original Form Submission UUID

You’re gonna love an upcoming post about detecting a net new person at form submission time (meaning in the browser, not just on the Marketo back end). The tasks in this post will get you ready.

Tip: If your integration tier is serverless, store job state in a standalone Marketo CO

This one’s for the devs. You could save yourself a whole database layer by using Marketo COs to store global or job-level metadata.

Fixing the Marketo forms Referrer value (_mktoReferrer) for SPAs

The Forms 2.0 library has a subtly gigantic bug when it comes to Single Page Applications (SPAs).