Velocitip: Only use Preview By List (not By Person) to debug tokens — if you value your time

It’s not just about avoiding the refresh button. You can get deeply confused because Marketo doesn’t show all leads.

Caching fetched files in FlowBoost using FBCache

A tip for speeding up FlowBoost calls. (Not enough tips to spin off a FB-specific newsletter yet, but soon.)

A Pride flag (or any striped flag!) effect for Marketo forms

Is 3-D the future of forms? Not sure about that, but this was a fun experiment with more to come.

A global YouTube Player LP is smart — just don’t let it get hijacked

Having one global Media Player LP (and global Asset Download LP) is a real timesaver. Just make sure they’re only useful to you, not to anyone else!

Simulating a DateTime {{my.token}} (not Date) using an undocumented method

You wouldn’t know it from the Marketo docs, but a Text {{my.token}}, formatted the right way, can serve as a DateTime {{my.token}}.

Loading Munchkin in an IFRAME (when forced by a feature-limited app)

Restrictive SaaS apps — think community platforms — can frustrate our analytics desires by only supporting the 800-pound gorilla (GA) or an IFRAME. But all may not be lost.

Your IT team is wrong: there’s no reason to expect https://▁▁ to open in a browser

The word of a MOPS veteran ⋙ pushback from an IT newbie.

Localizing Global Form Validation Error Messages

Global Form Validation Rules are a big win, but Marketo left something out. He’s how to patch it over (and learn some cool postMessage and Ajax tricks in the process, if you feel like it).