Restoring the mighty mkt_tok

The mkt_tok is dead. Long live the mkt_tok.

Using a mktoImg LP element as a CSS background-image

Guided LP Templates are great, but don’t have 1:1 feature parity with Email Templates. But Since LPs have full HTML5 + JS support, it’s pretty easy to bring them up to speed.

Marketo limits webhooks to 20 concurrent connections

Like the title says... plus a long riff on a workaround.

Let’s save everybody’s bandwidth: stop tracking clicks, but keep Munchkin activities

Even before recent events, click tracking was flawed-to-useless. Now, it’s taking bandwidth away from those who need it, and bringing down tracking servers as well. Lose-lose-lose!

Consolidate and strip extra whitespace using Velocity #defines

In Velocity, your seemingly “cosmetic” indents and line breaks don’t magically disappear from the final email.

Case-sensitivity quirks with Velocity sorts

To newbies and non-developers, “sort alphabetically” means one thing. To experienced developers, it can mean something dramatically different. Confusion ensues.

Be aware of the *reserved words* in Marketo emails (Part 1 of 2)

Betcha didn’t know that Marketo has a small set of reserved words — words that can’t be used as-is in URLs, nor in email content in general.

Stripping the “.html” from Marketo LP hits in Google Analytics

As you already know (right?) Marketo-hosted Landing Pages can be accessed with or without a trailing .html in the path part of the URL.[1] So these URLs are aliases