No, Marketo tracked links are not “invalid HTML”

It’s Marketo vs. a venerable ISP with an ancient-seeming webmail UI. Don’t trust either party’s word — trust the HTML standard.

Randomly shuffling the order of checkboxes to shake off bias

Worried that leads are just clicking the top checkbox instead of thinking things through? Shuffle ’em up every time!

Don’t (yes, *don’t!*) worry about “garbled” characters when opening JS files directly in your browser

Being paranoid about encoding helps avoid uncomfortable post-mortems. But here’s one type of apparent encoding bug that’s actually a false alarm.

Why Marketo LP Domains and Domain Aliases can’t have an underscore

When you try certain settings, SaaS apps may give a weak “Please don’t?” instead of a hard “NO!” Marketo does the right thing here for technical reasons, driving home that underscores shouldn’t be expected to work across your stack.

You probably don’t know how easy it is to parse email addresses using FlowBoost

And that’s my fault. This year’s resolution was to document more of FlowBoost’s secret functions — the “macros,” if you will, that are built-in so you don’t

Another way tracked links will break (hard) if you don’t consider %-encoding

There are so, so many ways to break links. I’ve seen more encoding disasters than most, but this one was new to me.

Find the end of the current quarter and/or previous quarter in Velocity

More dynamic date magic that can be done simply using Velocity and Java (after a little head-scratching).

Sure, multiple query params with the same name are allowed, and Auto-Fill acts accordingly... but what does “accordingly” mean?

A subtle mistake in a link sent to 100,000 people was about to wreak havoc on attribution. Here’s how we avoided that with an emergency JS intervention.