Detecting when people skip your preference center by using List-Unsubscribe

Mail clients that support the List-Unsubscribe header zap a hidden email back to Marketo, thus avoiding your preference center. Here’s how to detect that frustrating end-around.

When “technically valid” goes wrong: don’t put leading spaces in your Marketo hrefs, or you’ll lose click tracking

Leading and trailing spaces are totally valid in an HTML — they‘re automatically removed when the browser navigates to the final URL. But, standards notwithstanding, Marketo isn’t space-tolerant on the back end.

More oof-worthy Marketo Forms 2.0 code in the wild

Venting for a cause.

Set a Date field to the next anniversary of another Date using FlowBoost

Maintaining your leads’ Next Enrollment Anniversary, Next Warranty Renew Date, or just Next Birthday lets you run organized batch campaigns instead of (IMO) fragile triggers.

Only top-level, ‘var’-declared variables (or equivalent) are returned by FlowBoost

In the recent post on adding scores in FlowBoost [] I purposely left out the var statement when declaring variables to be returned: > I decided to

Calendly form events have a security vulnerability if you use their boilerplate JS

Ugh, same mistake HubSpot made. And unlike HS, I really like Calendly. Lesson: never trust “sample code” in the developer docs. It’s often cut down to make things look easier than they are, or it wasn’t written by an experienced dev.

Adding multiple Score fields using FlowBoost, with some extra tricks

With FlowBoost in your toolkit, you‘ll say “Can’t be done” a lot less often. In 2022, I’m dedicating lots of posts to the Marketo world’s curiously-well-kept secret.

Forcing a Marketo form to create a new person on every fillout

This one takes so little code, I took the liberty of tagging it as “no JS.“ There are a few lines to place on your LP, but the rest is drag-and-drop-and-type in the Marketo UI.